The Holt Holding Group

We are your partner for renewable energies

The Holt Holding Group invests in infrastructure, energy transition and agricultural projects in all over the world. As an equity-financed independent company it takes over projects and implements them in every risk phase. The Holt Holding Group also relies on cooperation with large international corporations and forms the interface within the risk profile of early phase investments. As a long-standing partner of even the largest investment fund, Holt offers the overall concept for a sustainable investment in renewable energies. Through the Internal Sustainability Directive from 2015, Holt Holding Group is increasingly acquiring large farms in order to bring them to an energy-optimized and ecologically optimized use. Since 2017, this area has included the development of a strategic global real estate portfolio.


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Corporate Philosophy

Holt Holding wants to carry our environment and the economy forward and thereby wants to make an important contribution to climate change. The recognition of fossil fuels being finite and that we all need to be more aware of the environment has led us to move forward with sustainable energy projects.

History of the company

Heinrich and Heinz Holt set up a small business in Haseluenne with a tractor and two trailers.


During the 1950s and 1960s, the group quickly switched to sewerage systems, roadworks, excavation works and the progress of construction site.

Since the group was based in rural Emsland, it was natural that it also engaged in the development of sand and gravel pits; it became the largest company in the region in this field.

1970er & 1980er

In the 70s and 80s, Holt also specialized in the renaturation of building grounds such as:

-Land reclamation

-Sealing of landfills

-Ecological landscaping

-Recultivation of landscapes

1990er & 2000er

As a family business, Holt himself became a very important landowner. This property gave rise to the first contact with wind energy in the 1990s.

As the economic environment changed, the activities of Holt Group did. The traditional activities were sold or abandoned in the course of time.

Holt Holding Group concludes framework contract with Nordex

At the beginning of the decade, Hendrik Holt saw an opportunity in uniting Holt's reputation and knowledge in the fields of project development and wind energy with the numerous contacts among big landowners to take over the terrain of onshore wind parks.


In 2014, Holt, which until then systematically expanded its management, expertise and financial resources, reoriented its business model and approached a dual concept. On the one hand, the comprehensive terrain development and the active investment in the early stages of projects that have been taken over by other developers or owners on the other hand.


In 2016, the way was paved for geographic diversification to the Netherlands, where a subsidiary was set up in 2017. The establishment of an active group holding company in Andorra took place in the same year. Holt Holding is now an international company with its head office in Andorra.


In 2018, a French project developer took over onshore wind power plants near Toulouse, causing the entry into the French market.


In 2019, Holt Holding strengthens its position as an international operating company by opening a branch in Beirut.