Market entry in France implemented

Holt Holding Group takes over French project developer

Haseluenne/Touluse. The Holt Holding Group has taken over a French project developer for onshore wind power plants near Toulouse. It thus has implemented the market entry in France.

According to Group Director Dr. Hendrik Holt, a present team of ten employees and a project pipeline of 100 megawatts were taken over. This corresponds to an overall project value of around 115 million euros and is to be expanded. The current projects are expected to be implemented in the course of the next four years. Company Manager Holt perceives good prospects for wind energy projects. “Thanks to the current political atmosphere of departure since Emmanuel Macron holds office of the presidency, the French market is very promising”, Dr. Holt says. Moving from fossil and nuclear energy sources towards regenerative solutions is a tendency that can be observed. The remuneration system is also very attractive compared to Germany, as projects up to a size of 18 megawatts are exempted from tenders. “Especially in the field of medium project sizes, we see our strength in the French market,” Holt continues.

As an active early stage investor, the company participates in wind parks in Germany, Andorra, the Netherlands, France and Asia.

The annual turnover is 100 million euros. “It turns out that wind and solar energy has become irreplaceable as service provider of energy supply”, Holt is convinced. But other would also rethink about the energy supply, as we observe in France. Germany, with its pioneering role in the field of renewable energies, could provide impetus here.

Source: media information Holt Holding
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