Holt Holding makes Andorra energy self-sufficient

Emsland company launches pilot project in microstate

Haseluenne/Andorra. Andorra, the country between France and Spain, wants to get self-sufficient in terms of energy. That is part of the national energy plan of the energy ministry in the 468 square kilometers small country in the Pyrenees. The microstate receives around 96 percent of the required energy by the neighbouring countries France and Spain for its 78,000 inhabitants and around eight million visitors a year.

To find a remedy, the Holt Holding company is planning a wind park. First discussions led to an agreement between the Haseluenne company members and the coordinator of the national energy plan concerning the construction of a wind park with an overall performance of 60 million kilowatt hours per year. “This is the first step towards the independence of energy supplies from neighbouring countries”, Holt-CEO Hendrik Holt says. This wind park alone could cover a quarter of Andorra’s total energy needs. Here, we find the best conditions for the construction of a wind park”, Holt says. He compares the wind conditions to those of the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Here, at more than 2.700 meters above sea level, constant wind conditions and strong wind turbines of the latest generation are used. As the rotors are shorter, these plants differ from conventional wind power plants. “The plants have to stand winds of up to 150 kilometers per hour,” Holt says. The use of energy storage systems is also new. In this way, energy is to be stored even in case of overproduction and dispensed in case of wind silence. “This means that we achieve a very high level of efficiency that also improves the profitability of the investment,” Director General Heinz Luchterhand continues. If the implementation is successful, further wind parks will be to follow.

The company implements projects as a so-called early stage investor. “Unlike almost all other investors, we are ready to enter suitable projects with risk capital before receiving authorization,” Holt describes the business model. In combination with its own development, Holt Holding currently has to implement a project pipeline with a total output of almost 700 megawatts. “In addition to the traditional main market of Germany, we are implementing projects in the Netherlands, France and Eastern European countries,” Luchterhand adds. The environmental compatibility in the planning and implementation of the plants are also important for both representatives of the company.

Source: media information Holt Holding
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