Holt Holding implements wind park in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Seven plants for a total of 60 million euros planned

Haseluenne/Stuttgart. With the receipt of the permit according to the Federal Pollution Control Act, the Holt Holding Group has paved the way to an onshore wind park in Baden-Wuerttemberg. In a piece of forest, 80 kilometers to the south of Stuttgart, the company currently invests in seven wind energy plants with a total nominal output of around 32 megawatts. This corresponds to an energy production of almost 77,000,000 kilowatt hours per year, that is fed into the power grid. The investment volume is around 60 million euros. In addition to the investment, the Holt Holding Group also takes over the early stage investment and project management.

The seven wind plants are 180 to 240 meters high and they have a rotor diameter of around 150 meters. The plants are planned for locations with low to medium rising of wind. Due to the implementation of the wind park Felsberg near Kassel, where a wind park with six wind power plants was put into operation over the last year, the company has been able to gather experiences in the field of plant construction in forest areas. The company considers itself not only as project developer, but also as early stage investor in particular. “Unlike almost all other investors, we are ready to enter suitable projects with risk capital before receiving authorization,” CEO Dr. Hendrik Holt describes the business model. In the past, the company was thus able to implement projects that have been floundering due to outstanding reports or financing.

“In addition to the traditional German market, we are active in the Netherlands, France and Andorra,” Finance Director Heinz Luchterhand adds. In the latter country, a wind park in combination with storage technology will be implemented in the form of a joint venture with the government of the microstate.

Source: media information Holt Holding
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