Holt Holding Group concludes framework contract with Nordex

120 plants valued at half a billion euros

Andorra/Haseluenne. The Holt Holding Group has concluded a framework contract with Nordex, a manufacturer of wind power plants. On this occasion, it is about 120 turbines of the type 100 WEA Nordex N149. The plants are planned for 13 projects in North-West Germany. This corresponds to a framework contract for more than 500 megawatts and an order volume of 500 million euros. The plants will be manufactured in the German plants of the wind power plant manufacturer and will be implemented in the course of the next five years.

“The high quality of the plants and the good price-performance ratio are convincing”, Dr. Hendrik Holt, Group Director at the Holt Holding Group, says. He appreciated the close connection to Nordex as a partner one could rely on. “The framework contract is necessary. We can thus secure the implementation of the projects,” Holt continued. The type of plant is the manufacturer’s most profitable turbine for locations with low to medium wind speeds. Although it has high power, the sound emission values are low. The tower height is between 125 and 165 meters and the wings have a diameter of 149 meters. “The plants offer the maximum of the possible income under the given wind conditions,” Heinz Luchterhand, also Group Director of the Holt Holding Group, adds.

As an active early stage investor, the company participates in wind parks in Germany, Andorra, the Netherlands, France and Asia. The annual turnover is 100 million euros. “It turns out that wind and solar energy has become irreplaceable as service provider of energy supply”, Group Director Heinz Luchterhand is convinced. Other countries would also rethink about the energy supply. “Especially Asian countries, such as Indonesia, have recognized the important role of renewable energy sources,” Luchterhand says. Germany, with its pioneering role in the field of renewable energies, could provide impetus there.

Due to the takeover of the Kassel company Vortex Energy by E.ON Climate & Renewables, the Holt Holding Group recently became E.ON’s indirect partner. The 300 megawatts project pipeline and other projects in an early planning phase by Vortex were taken over by E.ON. The company contributed more than one half of the 300 megawatts project pipeline. It continues to run it as a joint venture with E.ON. In total, the Holt Holding Group has added seven projects with a total output of 190 megawatts to the Vortex stock. This corresponds to a total investment volume of around 220 million euros. With the takeover of Vortex, E.ON directly gains access to the know-how of the people in Hesse and indirectly to those of the Lower Saxony through the joint venture.

Source: media information Holt Holding
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