Expand renewable energy in Rotenburg Wuemme

Holt Holding plans wind power plants at around 30 sites – citizen participation intended

Rotenburg/Osnabrueck. The active early stage investor Holt Holding Group with its German office in Osnabrueck has acquired hundreds of hectares of land in the district of Rotenburg Wuemme as part of its strategy to expand renewable energies in the field of onshore wind energy. It also ensured further areas to implement the sustainable energy revolution. Wind power plants are planned at around 30 sites.

“The construction of wind power plants is underpinned by the progressive design of regional planning and area use, allowing most sites to be built in 2021”, says Group Director Dr. Hendrik Holt. The company has already implemented many wind energy projects in Germany and abroad. Projects in the district of Rotenburg Wuemme are to be implemented in a transparent way for the citizens. “We are aware of the fact that there are not only supporters of the wind energy projects. We are about to implement them as environmentally friendly as possible, as well as we are about to consult technical reviews”, says Holt. Furthermore, he supports citizen participation facilities. “It is particularly important to us that all residents and proponents of regenerative energy generation can benefit from the energy transition,” Holt says. Corresponding participation programs are currently being initiated. There has been agreement with the area owners and lessors. Nevertheless, the company takes the sensitivities and concerns of local residents very seriously. The energy transition is politically wanted and stands for a climate-friendly future. The planned wind power plants are modern, powerful and quiet types of plants.

Source: media information Holt Holding
Picture: illustration picture Holt Holding


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