Emsland company paves way for wind park

Establishment of six wind plants in Northern Hessen

Haseluenne. The Holt company GmbH has paved the way to an onshore wind park in Northern Hessen with the receipt of the permit according to the Federal Pollution Control Act. In a piece of forest near Felsberg, which is near Kassel, the company currently invests in six wind power plants with a total nominal output of 18 megawatts. This corresponds to an electricity generation of 50,000 kilowatt hours per year, which is fed into the power grid. Despite this, Holt Holding also takes over the project management.

To build sustainable fundaments, 10,000 tons of soil would have to be trenched. Furthermore, 13,000 tons of gravel were brought for the trucks to be able to move. The six wind plants by the Nordex Group with a height of 180 to 230 meters and a rotor diameter of up to 131 meters can thus stand safe. In addition to that, 22 kilometers of cable were laid. Hendrik Holt, the Directing Associate of Holt Holding, estimates the volume of the total investment at 38 million euros. The company took the project as early stage investor. “Unlike almost all other investors, we are ready to enter suitable projects with risk capital before receiving authorization,” Holt describes the business model. In combination with its own development, Holt Holding currently has a project pipeline with a total output of 696 megawatts.

“In addition to the traditional German market, we started testing the Dutch market in 2016 and will enter it in 2017,” adds Finance Director Heinz Luchterhand. The environmental compatibility in the planning and implementation of the plants is also important for both company representatives. “For the appropriate relocation of a protected species at the Felsberg wind park, we had payed 30,000 euros,” Holt mentions.

Source: media information Holt Holding
Picture: Holt Holding


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