An important step towards the energy transition

Representatives of the municipality of Spangenberg visited the Felsberg wind plants

Spangenberg. Almost 30 representatives of the municipality of Spangenberg informed about the construction and the commissioning of wind plants in Felsenberg. Holt Holding, which had financed the plants as an early stage investor and took control over the project, invested in six wind plants with a total nominal output of 18 megawatts in a piece of forest. This corresponds to an electricity generation of 50,000,000 kilowatt hours per year that is fed into the power grid.

A similar project with eleven wind power plants and a total nominal output of 48 megawatts is currently planned at the “Stölzinger Höhen” in the municipality of Spangenberg. In the project, which costs around 82 million euros, the most modern plants of the company Nordex with a total height of almost 240 meters are to be built. Once completed, the wind power plant is expected to produce 150,000,000 kilowatt hours per year. This corresponds to an energy demand of around 50,000 three-person households.

The approval is scheduled for the end of 2017/2018, the completion is scheduled for 2019. ” The environmental compatibility in the planning and construction of the plants is important for us in in the implementation of the project,” Hendrik Holt, CEO of Holt Holding, says in front of the municipal representatives. As an example, he told about the resettlement of a protected species at the Felsberg wind park for which the company had payed 30,000 euros.

According to Holt, the federal government’s goal is clearly articulated. The reconstruction of the energy supply to renewable energies is to take place in three decades. In order for this vision to become a reality, the expansion of renewable energy sources, such as wind power plants, should be pushed forward. “The energy transition is politically wanted and unstoppable,” Holt Finance Director Heinz Luchterhand is convinced. With the construction of the wind park on the “Stölzinger Höhen,” the municipality of Spangenberg secured important business tax revenues and makes an important contribution to the energy transition.

Source: media information Holt Holding
Picture: Holt Holding


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